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Security Vulnerability Assessment

bridge the gaps in Your Tech Environment

Sometimes unintentional threats are introduced to your network. This can happen by anyone on your team when vulnerabilities are introduced to your environment through what may seem like harmless links and attachments. Being prompted to perform what looks like a routine update installation and plugins as well as infected URLs are all insidious techniques of infiltrating your system. One click can cause profound detriment. First steps in protecting you, your team, and your customers is by performing an assessment of vulnerabilities to uncover weak points in your infrastructure.

S6 Technologies provides you with a comprehensive blueprint of the vulnerabilities of all interrelationships within your network. Our assessment on security weaknesses scans your entire tech environment to expose points of vulnerability, categorize liabilities and at the end, you are given a complete recommendation on protective ways to bridge the gaps in your system.

Don’t fall prey to tech security fails; keep your business safe with S6 Technologies assessment of security vulnerabilities.

benefits of assessment of Security Vulnerability

Increase trustworthiness

When a breach in data occurs, the loss not only affect you and your business, but it also damages the trust your customers placed in you and your capability to protect their confidential data. By bridging security gaps, you will increase workflow and give back peace of mind to your customers.

merging of DATA

When it comes to security, there are many facets to consider. The purpose of an assessment of vulnerability is to provide a clear and concise summary of your system deficits in one report. No need to sort and compile numbers from different sources, with merging of data comes a clear, readable document.


An assessment of vulnerability takes inventory of your risks and prioritizes them by severity. We take this information and prevent the largest attacks instead of reacting to threats that have already infiltrated your system.

Staying compliant

Meeting HIPAA, PCI, and SOX compliance means keeping your customer’s confidential data always secure. Our assessment of vulnerability will uncover where you are not compliant and help to bridge those security gaps.