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Email Security

Make sure your emails are always well protected

Email is the virtual communication lifeline of your business. It is essential in teamwork and the proper execution of daily tasks. Checking your email is almost second nature and you know how vital it is throughout the day to stay connected and on top of all the emails that come in. With such a volume of emails being received it can be easy to miss an email that seems suspicious and open it accidentally. Statistics show 9 out of 10 viruses that infect computers are via email. When emails are compromised, a domino effect happens next. This means downtime and breaches in security and data which can result in fines. This causes added stress taking away focus from your business.

S6 Technologies offers team training so everyone working for your business becomes able to recognize threats and how to protect data if a mistake is made. Our S6 Technologies team uses multi-layered tactics going beyond regular protection software. By using our customized email security, we take preventative measures so there is no interruption to your day. S6 Technologies uses encryption software, firewalls, and cutting-edge security practices so you’ll know- without doubt- your email and business are well protected.

discover the power of S6 Technologies protection for your email and business with managed email security.

Benefits of Email Security Services

Increase UPTIME

In IT, the main factors that put your business on hold are viruses, ransomware, and all other cyberattacks causing extreme inconvenience. Our IT support boosts your email security resulting in improved productivity and prevention of downtime.


Ensuring vital data is secure is key to satisfying the strict standards of HIPAA, PCI, and SOX. S6 Technologies uses compliance assessments to check for network vulnerabilities and make sure your business is always up to code.

become skilled at BEST PRACTICES

You interact with your email daily however, knowing how to keep your email protected does not come easy. Our S6 Technologies team will train your team on best practices to maintain strong security and how to identify potential threats.

PRoactive against attacks

Running a business is costly and keeping unforeseen expenses low means taking proactive action to keeping your business safe. Cyberattacks result in a loss of thousands of dollars per year for businesses. Not only is a breach in security costly, but the effects are also lasting and can hurt your reputation. By taking preventative measures, you are saving your business money and creating stronger trust between you and your clients since they know you are taking measures to keep their critical data secure.