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Endpoint Security

bringing individualized Mobile Device protection to advance your business

Take a moment to think about how secure your business organization’s IT infrastructure is and how easy it is for “tech thieves” to come in and take what critical information. It takes more than basic security measures to keep online criminals out and your system protected. Every corner of your IT infrastructure needs to be properly safeguarded, from servers and networks to endpoint devices.

S6 Technologies pinpoints all your organization’s endpoints which include all laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices connected to your network. We implement strong protection for all endpoints, leaving no vulnerability exposed. We will give quality training to your team who will become knowledgeable in identifying threats. Additionally, our S6 Technologies team will put in place fortified protection to keep your devices and entire business safe.

upset the hackers, not your customers with multi-layer, endpoint security protection.

benefits of Endpoint Security

pinpoint THREATS

Tech criminals are working to find new ways to breach your system and cause damage. Stay steps ahead with our training on how to identify threats and prevent cyber attacks before they happen. Our S6 Technologies team will guide you on creating hack-proof passwords, how to identify malicious links and much more.

power in real-time REPORTing

To ensure your devices are protected properly, real-time reporting which perceive attacks and reveal vulnerabilities that have been exploited. We provide proactive monitoring of your system logs to detect areas for improvement.

Protection is the means to YOUR ENDS

As the saying goes, “You are only as strong as your weakest link.” The same is true for your system, your business is only as secure as your endpoints. Our team will install antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall protection all while keeping these measures always updated. Additionally, we will encrypt your critical data and create a security plan which will always keep your data and devices safeguarded.

enhance BUSINESS stability

Anytime ransomware attacks a business, this can mean costly restorations and unforeseen amounts of downtime. When you take the steps needed to protect all of your business’ endpoints with our fortified security, we can ensure downtime will be minimal and productivity and data will not be lost.