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Top UC Service Management Vendors for 2023 

The communications landscape is evolving. Every day, companies embrace new apps, tools, and software to help unify workers, connect with customers, and boost collaboration. While these evolving “Unified Communications” ecosystems offer a number of benefits, from improved productivity to enhanced efficiency, they can also create various challenges.  

The more components involved in a UC stack, from software solutions to hardware and endpoints, the more work a company needs to take on when provisioning, configuring and managing these tools. UC Service Management solutions provide companies with a more convenient way to track, optimize, and even secure critical UC investments.  

Used correctly, UCSM (UC Service Management) technology and solutions can empower any business to accomplish more with its communication stack. Here are just some of the top vendors leading the way in this industry today.  

This list is in no particular order.


VOSS Solutions provides companies with digital workplace management technology designed to accelerate the transformation of the workforce. Using high levels of automation and artificial intelligence, VOSS offers organizations a platform where they can monitor crucial processes, manage investments, and increase service agility.  

The VOSS Portfolio breaks down into a number of key products, including VOSS Automate for orchestrating and integrating the technology stack. There are also VOSS Insights for intelligence, reporting, and analytics. Additionally, VOSS Migrate helps business leaders to transition their teams from previous legacy technologies into new cloud platforms. VOSS even recently partnered with Microsoft to help more customers pivot into the cloud. 

Kurmi Software 

Focusing on both the Unified Communications and Contact Center spaces, Kurmi delivers automated and streamlined provisioning tools to business leaders. The Unified Communications management solution offered by the brand allows organizations to automate provisioning operations, reduce costs, and improve service quality with insights and analytics.  

At the core of the Kurmi Software offering is “KaaS”, or Kurmi as a Service, a comprehensive solution business leaders can leverage to unify administration, provisioning, and operations in one pane of glass. Recently, Kurmi updated its provisioning suite for Microsoft, Cisco, and Avaya, and achieved a Microsoft co-sell-ready status. 

Cisco Webex 

Providing companies across the globe with access to various networking, UC, collaboration, and contact centre tools, Cisco delivers solutions for multiple use cases. The Cisco Webex Control Hub is the company’s service management offering, providing an all-in-one view of all Webex services and tools in one environment. With the Control Hub, business leaders can manage services and users, provision devices, configure security and compliance policies, and create reports.  

The Control Hub provides behind-the-scenes insights into organizational health, risk, and threat issues. It also allows companies to drill down into the root causes of common user experience issues to improve employee engagement. The Control Hub builds on the ever-increasing selection of Cisco Webex tools. Learn more about Cisco here.  


The Virsae all-in-one service management platform delivers a single-pane-of-glass experience to business leaders. With this cloud-based platform, companies can track both UX and CX metrics easily, provision new tools and configure systems remotely. The platform includes its own change management solution, service desk, and availability manager. 

Plus, with Virsae, companies also get access to continuity tools, capacity tracking systems, and reporting solutions. The AI-powered analytics platform can even help business leaders to pinpoint and solve common problems with hybrid and remote workflows. Virsae also partners with many of the top communication companies on the market, including Oracle, AudioCodes, Jabra, and RingCentral. 


Cloud communications service provider, Nuwave, offers UC service management in the form of the iPILOT platform. This comprehensive cloud-based tool provides companies and service providers with the tools they need to provision communication tools, configure solutions remotely, and track the user lifecycle. The platform also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.  

Via iPILOT, Nuwave customers can track and assess all of their global communications infrastructure in one place. The carrier-agnostic platform simplifies the onboarding and tenant provisioning process. It also offers end-to-end visibility into call quality, error status, and call logs. Users can also leverage automated device procurement and disaster planning tools. 

IR (Prognosis) 

With tools for collaboration, payment processing and infrastructure optimization, IR serves a wide variety of companies from different industries. The Prognosis platform powers the company’s Enterprise UC, contact centre, and collaboration space management tools. Within this platform, companies can track high-volume, real-time data streams from mission-critical systems, and optimize tech performance.  

The IR Prognosis platform can keep organizations up to date on changes in their ecosystem with automated alerts and notifications. The system also tracks a range of cloud, server, and edge-based solutions in one place for companies with hybrid digital transformation strategies. IR recently joined the Zoom ISV Partner program, and can offer management support for a range of platforms. 

Akkadian Labs 

Akkadian Labs provides companies with the tools they need to automate provisioning and configuration in the communication and collaboration landscape. The company’s UC service management platform integrates with a range of different tools, from ServiceNow and Microsoft Active Directory to Teams and Oracle.  

Within the provisioning manager, companies can find templated workflows to assist with minimizing human error and inconsistencies. There are also reporting tools, remote phone control solutions, and phone-swapping features included in the ecosystem. 


Primarily offering CPaaS and API solutions to companies looking to expand their communication stack, Sinch’s platform is brimming with helpful tools. The company works not just with end-users and enterprises but also with service providers, giving them access to remote provisioning and management tools for customer service. Within the Sinch platform, service managers can easily access and provision numbers, voice services, and emergency services to customers remotely.  

The API automation ecosystem comes with mobility clients and SDKs, messaging capabilities, and remote configuration tools to suit various kinds of service providers. There’s also access to useful reporting and analytics tools, so vendors can track their growth. 


A growing communications company, Dstny serves companies, partners, and service providers alike. Through the Dstny platform, users can access and provision voice, video, and messaging technologies and manage them all remotely. The mobile-first platform allows for custom integrations and flexible interactions between various different tools in the UC or contact centre space.  

Service providers leveraging Dstny technology can create custom connections and accelerators, provide users with access to AI-automated chatbots, and track crucial information through real-time analytics and historical reports. Dstny even made an appearance in the UC Partner Awards for 2022. Stay up to date on the latest news here.  

Unify Square 

Unify Square, now part of “Unisys”, produces communication, collaboration, and other software solutions for digitally transforming companies. Alongside tools for cybersecurity management, business process tracking, and change management, the Unify Square portfolio also offers a range of UC service management tools, including a “cloud management” platform.  

Using Unisys technology, business leaders can track devices in the communication ecosystem and minimize the risk of security and compliance issues. Unisys also supports the management of hybrid cloud infrastructure and provides a range of tools for improving employee experience for team members in any environment. 


Built to power collaborative cloud environments, BroadSource helps service providers to automate, integrate, and differentiate collaboration platform solutions. The “EMU” offering from BroadSource simplifies the configuration and provisioning of crucial collaborative tools, helping service providers to differentiate the experience they can offer end users.  

Companies can use BroadSource EMU to automate complex tasks, secure and simplify connections between tools, and manage continued subscriber growth. EMU even assists with subscriber onboarding through tools like EMU Adapt and deployment assistants. 

Cloud Age Solutions 

Another UC service management company focused on service providers, MSPs, and enterprises alike; Cloud Age helps companies streamline telecom experiences. The company’s all-in-one cloud platform offers an environment where users can centralize, automate, and update onboarding and configuration processes. Users on the platform can process invoices, manage telecoms hardware, and update accounting functions with a couple of clicks.  

Cloud Age Solutions delivers its technology on a secure infrastructure, which promises scalability, flexibility, and ease of use. The platform also comes with full inventory lifecycle management insights and reporting tools. 


The Nectar Corporation offers a range of software-focused products for endpoint analytics, advanced diagnostics, CX assurance, and service management. Nectar’s platform integrates seamlessly with communication platforms from market leaders like Jabra, Genesys, Zoom, Microsoft, Cisco, and Avaya. It can also adapt to the specific needs of each service provider or MSP.  

Within the platform, business leaders can rapidly provision and configure tools for hybrid and remote workers without having to invest in travel costs for engineers. The Nectar technology also includes insight and analytics, so businesses can get a better insight into everything from common problems to quality assurance. 


Creating technology to empower service providers and application developers, UBoss offers a range of tools, apps, and systems for remote communication management. Built on BroadSoft technology, many of the company’s offerings can be customized and bundled according to the specific needs of each service provider. The UBoss app ecosystem also helps companies to roll out BroadWorks-based services and devices remotely, and then customize their settings through the cloud.  

With tools for automation, reporting, analytics, and security, UBoss aims to provide vendors with new ways to increase their revenue and profit opportunities. The platform is also frequently updated with different features and functions to address the needs of a modern audience. 

Swoop Datacom 

Best-known for the ForgeServe UC service Management solution, Swoop Datacom helps to bridge the gap between communication tools, systems, and vendors. The ForgeServe platform provides a complete overview of the device lifecycle for crucial products within the communication stack. Within the ecosystem, users can make remote changes to functionality and set up zero-touch provisioning workflows.  

Swoop Datacom also supports real-time maintenance and diagnostic insights to increase the SLA adherence of vendors. Plus, users can decommission and reallocate devices in a business landscape with a couple of clicks. 

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