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The Top Compliance and Security Vendors for 2023

Compliance and security are two factors business leaders have always had to consider when investing in new technology. However, in recent years, as the digital landscape has evolved and regulations have transformed, companies are facing increased pressure.  

Today’s businesses need to ensure they’re constantly taking steps to encrypt, protect, and safeguard information across multiple channels. Fortunately, vendors in both the communication and IT landscapes have introduced a variety of new innovations to keep teams on the right track.  

With innovative analytical, monitoring, and access control capabilities, businesses can ensure they’re empowering their workforce to work securely and safely from anywhere. Let’s explore some of the top vendors excelling in compliance and security for 2023 and beyond.  

Theta Lake 

Recognised by industry-leading analysts like Gartner, Theta Lake produces products designed to minimise compliance headaches and improve data security. The company’s range of solutions includes a comprehensive risk and compliance suite for archiving, surveillance, and monitoring. Theta Lake also has “modular” products specially designed for different security concerns.  

Alongside a host of platform architecture tools, connectors, and data capture services, Theta Lake also produces dedicated integrations for various collaboration and communication platforms, ranging from Microsoft Teams to Dialpad, Avaya, and Fuze. The brand is also committed to staying one step ahead of the latest regulations and technology innovations with AI solutions and new privacy tools.  

AGAT Software 

Focused primarily on the unified communication landscape, AGAT software specialises in security and compliance solutions. The company’s flagship product, SphereShield, aims to redefine real-time compliance with a variety of tools for inspecting and handling communications across multiple channels. The company offers AI solutions to help companies analyse data and pinpoint risk issues in seconds, as well as integrations for leading UC tools.  

AGAT has its own dedicated software solutions for Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex, Plus, the company’s multi-functional portfolio addresses many of the common concerns facing modern teams, such as phishing and safe content protection. Users can even test the software suite’s functionality for free via the AGAT website.  

ASC Technologies 

Assisting companies with the complex communication recording and conversational analysis environment, ASC Technologies offers a range of tools for the modern landscape. The brand’s flagship recording and analytics platform includes omnichannel functionality to ensure businesses can capture crucial information across video, voice, and text.  

The flexible system can be deployed in any environment and is offered on a pay-as-you-go service, with end-to-end encryption for all company data. What’s more, ASC invests in AI solutions to help drill down into crucial details collected from conversations. With tools for Microsoft Teams and other UC solutions, ASC technologies can work alongside a range of existing tech portfolios.  


A customer engagement and insights brand, Verint assists companies in learning more about their target audience and the customer journey. The Verint platform includes a number of tools to support digital-first engagement, conversational AI, and experience management. There are also features available for workforce engagement and a complete open-cloud platform.  

The compliance portfolio from Verint assists with addressing the needs of companies facing regulations such as HIPAA, MiFID II, PCI-DSS, and GDPR. Through a comprehensive range of tools, companies can track and capture information across multiple channels and collaboration tools and prepare for future audits. Verint won the UC Award for best compliance product in 2022.  


CallCabinet is a compliance recording company offering intelligent tools to businesses investing in remote work and unified communications. Promising Finserve-strength compliance, the CallCabinet ecosystem is a flexible SaaS platform with numerous options for customisation. The technology is globally supported and can work with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco Webex.  

CallCabinet’s technology is based entirely on the cloud and offers a 99.999% uptime guarantee to provide users with greater peace of mind. The solutions offered by the company range from mobile recording and screen recording tools to quality assurance and AI analytics. The brand also offers dedicated solutions for resellers and partners.  


Specialising in advanced voice networking solutions and tools for media processing in the digital workplace, AudioCodes helps enterprises and service providers to create complete communication ecosystems. The broad range of solutions and products the brand offer includes Voice AI solutions for conversational intelligence, monitoring tools, and recording systems.  

The SmartTAP 360 recording system from AudioCodes enables businesses to capture all company interactions across voice, video, and instant messenger. Compatible with Microsoft Teams, the solution supports the monitoring of external, internal, and mobile interactions with regulation-specialised features for different industries.  

Content Guru 

With tools for everything from contact centre and workforce engagement management, Content Guru’s portfolio of products addresses a wide range of needs in the modern marketplace. From a security and compliance perspective, the company offers AI analytics, secure payment management, and a convenient compliance platform which integrates directly with Storm.  

The security and compliance ecosystem offered by ContentGuru aims to assist businesses in reducing the risk of security breaches with data protection and end-to-end encryption. Users can even leverage the Storm Lock solution for automated payment processing and Storm Padlock for secure, agent-assisted payment management.  


A software as a service vendor with numerous tools for meeting insights, unified recording and analysis, Dubber provides a suite of tools to serve all kinds of business needs. The company’s primary focus is on the compliant recording landscape, where it offers tools to assist with capturing every conversation across different channels.  

Dubber’s technology integrates with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco Webex. It also has automated solutions to notify employees of any potential compliance or security issues with real-time AI alerts. The Dubber ecosystem also assists with proactive reporting, accelerating audits and investigations, and managing secure voice data.  


NICE produces products and solutions focused on the customer experience landscape. The company’s portfolio covers everything from automatic journey orchestration, to digital self-service and workforce engagement. For compliance and security, NICE offers companies access to behind-the-scenes insights and reports on interactions and customer conversations.  

The company also offers compliant call and screen recording services, compatible with various UC platforms, to assist with end-to-end auditing and analysis. NICE’s compliant recording and surveillance tools benefit from access to automation capabilities, AI solutions, and real-time monitoring systems. The brand also has its own open cloud platform, which complies with various industry-level regulations.  


Focused on the area of compliant call recording and analysis, Numonix assists businesses in collecting valuable information and data throughout internal and external conversations. The flexible ecosystem can integrate with communication tools ranging from Microsoft Teams to RingCentral and Avaya solutions. Through tools like Recite, companies can capture information with over 80 customisable widgets and dashboards and eight recording modalities.  

Numonix also offers the IX Cloud, a fully managed azure software-as-a-service solution with a cloud-native core. The system is compliant with GDPR, MiFID II, HIPAA, and various other industry-specific regulations. It also offers direct integrations with various market-leading tools.  

OAK Innovation 

With a selection of call recording and call reporting capabilities, OAK Innovation provides businesses with the tools they need to capture and understand interactions. The call recording tool “Clarify”, assists with dispute resolution and PCI compliance, capturing information from a range of different platforms in one place. The Reporting tool includes live wallboards and dashboards, user-defined reporting, and supervisory controls.  

OAK Innovation also has a certified solution available for Microsoft Teams. The Clarify system for Teams captures contextual information across video and audio conversations, as well as screen-sharing images. The platform comes with easy search and playback tools and full GDPR compliance.  

Mida Solutions 

Mida Solutions provides compliant call recording and analytics solutions for the unified communication landscape. Serving various industries with specific regulatory needs, the brand has produced numerous platforms for different UC configurations. There’s a MIDA solution for Microsoft Teams, which runs directly from the Azure cloud. Mida also has an offering available for Zoom and professional UC configurations. Plus, companies can access custom services too.  

The comprehensive suite of technologies allows users to capture information across a range of communication channels, from fax to video and voice. There is built-in analytics for capturing information about potential threats and risks too.  


Cloud-focused company BroadSource supports service providers in automating and integrating various cloud collaboration solutions. The brand’s suite of products includes a comprehensive cloud-based platform, a migration system, and the Emu “SecureCall” offering.  

Via the SecureCall service, companies can access a streamlined solution for managing transactions over the phone. The solution is PCI-DSS compliant and assists businesses with keeping sensitive information secured during discussions. BroadSource also integrates directly with a range of communication tools and platforms in the UC and Contact Center space. The EMU platform also comes with access to analytics, backup and restoration services, and auditing tools.  

Cisco Webex 

Known for offering a wide range of communication, collaboration, and contact centre tools, the Cisco Webex brand takes a strong approach to security and compliance in all of its tools. The Webex ecosystem comes with its own central control hub, where business leaders can search through conversations, track meeting information, and leverage eDiscovery capabilities.  

From a security perspective, Cisco promises safe and efficient communication collaboration with standards-based zero-trust end-to-end encryption. Users can also access an extended security pack for e-discovery, auditing, anti-malware, and protection against threats. There are even data residency options available through Cisco.  

Amazon Web Services 

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a cloud and technology provider with various options available for securing communications, collaboration, and contact centre calls. The company offers a range of cloud security resources and tools to assist businesses in managing private and confidential information in the age of hybrid work.  

Alongside a secure ecosystem for communication, AWS offers dedicated security, identity, and compliance services, such as identity and access management tools and automated detection for pinpointing potential security threats. There’s also a data protection service available to help defend data from unauthorised access.  


Delivering communication and collaboration solutions via the cloud, as well as hardware and contact centre solutions, Avaya has a strong presence in the technology industry. Avaya has built its technologies according to a “security by design” mindset, with scalable and extensive capabilities built into every product and cloud service.  

Avaya’s portfolio of security solutions makes it easier for companies to manage access controls, track crucial information throughout the workforce, and retain sensitive data. The company embraces end-to-end privacy solutions, with policies in place for GDPR, data processing, and access management. All information passed through the ecosystem is encrypted from end to end, and the company also supports IAM and SSO integrations.  


Microsoft has been building on its security portfolio for Microsoft Teams, Viva, and various other communications offerings in the last few years. The Teams platform can integrate with various compliance and privacy tools. Additionally, the technology enforces team-wide and organisation-wide 2FA solutions, and single sign-on through Active Directory.  

Microsoft’s technology offers end-to-end encryption and comprehensive access management through the Microsoft Purview ecosystem. Companies can leverage tools for auditing, data management, and secure call recording in the platform. Additionally, users can set up their own data management and retention strategies.  


Known for its video conferencing and collaboration services, Zoom promises end-to-end encryption on all its applications and tools. The Zoom Security ecosystem includes access to various tools to help protect customers during conversations. Users can set up passwords and green rooms for meetings and leverage join by domain options for extra security.  

Meeting hosts on Zoom can lock meetings, remove participants, and access security options in toolbars when working in meetings. There’s also the option to control call recording and screen sharing and turn off annotation, private chat, or video when necessary. Participants can also be put on hold or prevented from transferring files.  


Cloud communications and contact centre provider RingCentral is committed to maintaining secure communications across all platforms. The data security tools built into the RingCentral platform can be adapted to suit the needs of different brands in various regulated industries. RingCentral offers Identity and access control through SAML and OAuth.  

Additionally, the company allows businesses to set their own security settings for storing, managing, and sharing data. All information is encrypted in transit and at rest during interactions, and businesses can take control of content at their will, downloading and deleting files from the cloud. There are also various roles, permissions, and controls in place to minimise the risk of security breaches during collaboration and meeting sessions.  

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