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Network security

Network Security

Where a company allocates it’s financial resources is important. If your IT cybersecurity funding is limited this should not mean a lower quality security service for your system. We aspire to provide invaluable cybersecurity for a fair price to all small to medium-sized businesses throughout the Houston area.


Fortify your business’ network from destructive Ransomware Attacks


People usually make the mistake of thinking, ” It’ll never happen to me.” Then the unthinkable happens. A breach in your business’ network and all sensitive data and technology is compromised. This leaves companies with the arduous task of cleaning up a very expensive and easily preventable mess. Unfortunately, hackers are becoming more cunning in their work and this means it is up to the business to have an adept IT provider placing measures which keep the network protected like an impenetrable fortress.

A study done in 2019 found that companies, of all sizes, who are attacked by Ransomware lose on average an estimated $200,000 in damages. In addition, the study shows that roughly 14% of small business have network security measures in place to be able to take on an attack. Maintain your business’ economic and technology health by adopting IT security procedures and protection. (Steinberg, 2019).

Safe-guard your Critical Data with S6 Technologies Ransomware Solution.


There are a multitude of decisions being made daily to ensure your business is running at peak performance. Choosing an IT service provider should be a smooth process so you can get back to the matters of your business. S6 Technologies prides itself on staying one-step ahead of hackers and as a result leaves you and your company feeling safe and secure.

We make sure your business stays compliant with standards and regulations no matter what industry. S6 Technologies delivers a thorough network assessment adapted towards the specific regulations your business is adheres to, (HIPAA, PCI, etc.).S6 Technologies will locate areas of non-compliance and provide a report of findings and recommendations that identifies risks, potential impact, and urgency. Substantial fines and loss of vital data can ensue if compliance standards are not met. Let this be one burden S6 Technologies can take off your shoulders.