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What is Data Backup & Why is it Important for your System?

The short answer to this vital question is making sure your IT system has a safety net if ever your system were to crash or be hacked into. Delving a bit deeper into this beneficial IT service, data backup is the accessing of your IT system and making a copy of all the critical data that is stored within that system. This copy of your data is therefore stored away from the original IT system and safeguarded elsewhere. This copy is saved in order to be able to access it and restore your system in the event of a data breach or data loss due to system crash.

Why is this an important protection tool for your business IT infrastructure?

The two main driving forces of a productive company are: productivity and maximization of resources. When you have an IT system that is running smoothly and effectively, this largely increases the productivity level of your company. You have a fast and functioning IT system, and this makes for the perfect environment to produce efficient work in record time. In addition to having an increase in productivity when your IT system is in excellent condition, the resources that have been put into your business and IT infrastructure are maximized to their full potential. This means you receive a high ROI with what your budget allocated for IT services. Money that is hard-earned is well-spent. How are these two vital aspects of your company affected when your critical data is not properly backed up or not backed up at all?

Loss of productivity is the number one complaint from businesses that had a significant downtime or outage with their IT system. Why loss of productivity? Simple, data lost means having to go back a re-work on projects that have been almost completed, or even worse, production comes to a halt because there is a breach in HIPAA because data has been stolen. All these issues take time to repair and restore and without the proper IT backup plan in place, some or most data may not be able to be restored at all. This would be a hard blow for a small or even larger company to take. The issue can grow from there because with loss of productivity comes loss of revenue. Money must be spent to restore the systems back to functionality and this is an even bigger expense in both time and finances than if the initial investment was made to have a solid, secure IT backup system in place.

Growing and maintaining a business can be rewarding and exciting, with that comes the challenges of protecting it and keeping it running as smooth as possible. The best investment that is in-line with a proactive approach is to have your MSP create and implement an IT backup plan. Having your critical data backed up will keep your IT system safe and your business running strong.

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